Pot has so many curative properties for so many diseases

This is more Jewish bull shit science. They will say anything to keep that cancer curing plant off the market. Pot has so many curative properties for so many diseases and the Rockefeller Eugenics industry that the salvationist insists on supporting with their ignorance is one of the Zionist largest incomes and one of the quickest ways of murdering the white race. Admittedly smoking is not one of the curative processes. They’ve also done the same thing with one of the other cancer cures, that little yellow flower that grows in your yard called a dandelion. 2-4D is Agent Orange. Wake the fuck up people. Take your health into your own hands. Health is a process and pain is part of the cure. A cure does not come in a pill. I have had several strokes (probably from my cigar (opium) habit) and my computer/stereo that I have converted into a Rife machine has saved my life in so many ways and so many times it’s unbelievable. And that’s my point. In spite of the fact that I have used my Rife machine to cure anything from sand flies, to cavities, to nail fungus, to jock itch, to head scalp, to etc. People refuse to have the simplest little bit of ingenuity to create such a machine in their own house and would rather go to a Eugenics in a white trench coat who’s symbol is to snakes fighting over a staff. Learn your symbology. People who think stupidity is the way to salvation deserve what they get. They keep blood sacrificing their children to their demon god with vaccines, medical procedures & pharmaceuticals and war. Save the children Christians KILL YOURSELF instead. This has been going on for over 100 years and you still can’t figure it out? Luke 17:21. Stop letting Jews like Calvin, Luther & Billy Graham interpret the Bible for you and learn the right way to interpret it yourself. Or study the works of Andrew Barzis, Laura Eisenhower, Jordan Maxwell, Carlos Castaneda, John Lamb Lash, Santos, Mark Passio, or Michael Tsarion, etc. The list of great guides is so long I could sit here and list them all day long & not one of them will you find preaching in a god damn church.

The term Ashke-Nazi itself means “Auschwitz” “Nazi.”

Notice the term “NAZI” in the above. As always, Jews looking to throw hints about the Germans around.

Interestingly, in scientific publications, I’m coming across more and more mention of aliens, and in some cases, it comes directly from a Jew – as if they’re trying to pervert science with weird alien stuff.

The Jews may be looking to see if they can divert the focus of whites elsewhere.

Jews want the focus to go everywhere EXCEPT on JEWS!

My Boer NAZI pal has spoken many times to me about Jews having a higher rate of mental illness than any other people. He wrote:

Jan, What is very clear is that Annunaki stuff is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen in my life! Scientifically it is typical of people who cannot differentiate between myth and reality and that can usually also be a sign of schizophrenia. Like David Icke, who was already diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child but he never had any counselling in this regard.

LMAO. Your Boer Nazi friend should probably take some time and review his educational background or lack thereof. He sounds just like today’s children in the USA who are products of our Ashke-Nazi public school system. It sounds to me like he has a little bit of schizophrenia in his family history as well. Well, let’s start with the term schizophrenia and work our way backward shall we? We all have voices in our heads, for one thing, one of the dominant forces on this planet is demons sometimes referred to as archons. For another our minds are made up of so many individual parts, you might say we have several voices in our heads just naturally. There is the left & right hemispheres some times referred to as the masculine and feminine parts of our minds. Then their’s the gift of God (Yahweh) which is referred to as the reptilian brain that controls our fear or flight reactions. Then their’s the heart-brain which is just now being recognized by our very primitive and brainwashed and backward science industry. Since all of our technology comes from aliens. From UFO technology channeled by the Vril girls for Hitler to the Tesla tower-based around the pyramid of Giza to our cell phones which are being used by the invading black cube AI to prepare our children to become transhuman. So, in reality, because the schizophrenic seems to be the only individuals who seem to have the capacity to tell the difference, they may very well be the only sane people on this planet. As for counseling. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The word psychiatry and the entire phony industry was created by the Ashke-Nazi finance Tavistock Institute on Human Behavior which used Nazi psychiatrists who learned their skills by torturing Auschwitz children. The term Ashke-Nazi itself means “Auschwitz” “Nazi.” This just goes to show you that the Nazis themselves were under the hypnotic spell of the Jewish bastard Hitler, just as your Boer Nazi friend. Coincidently Hitler was trained in public speaking at the Wellington House which was the forefather of the Tavistock Institute which created all of Billy Grahm’s sermons. You see you are being manipulated from all sides. Your only defense is education and I don’t mean public school or University education, but self-education. Myth means truth that we don’t want the stupid to believe. Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows.

Better the devil you know, rather than the devil you don’t.

This is what I know my brother; Bitcoin is a crypto currency which was setup as an alternative to physical money. How it works is you get a Bitcoin mining device for around $250 (the cheapest I’ve seen) which adds to the overall network of Bitcoin mining. Once it’s connected up to the network, your device will then guess codes which are on the overall network and if it gets those codes right you are awarded Bitcoins. The more advance the device, the bigger the likelihood it’ll guess the right code. Unfortunately the drawbacks are the device makes a lot of noise and it uses a lot of electricity. I wish I’d thought of it while I had a bit of money but now I think the cons outweigh the pros for me. I managed to go to the gym today Chris but I do need to chill out, I vomited yesterday getting myself all worked up. The weather over here is awful, am listening to fireworks while the rain pours down. Have you seen that new game ‘Death Stranding’? Just when I was watching the trailers for it, I felt alot of truth in there. It’s made by a guy called Hideo Kojima and I reckon he’s a heavy mason anyway, but I’m a proper geek for his other big game ‘Metal Gear Solid.’
When I was around the age of 13, I played the original game around 23 times. I was a strange kid, fuck am a strange adult so I suppose that’s no surprise. It got about 6 sequels and am still replaying them all now. But back to me original point, just this whole concept with these ghosts called ‘Death Stranding’, I don’t know if they’re are getting us ready for something in 10 years or something. Have a watch of the trailer, I think you’ll see what I mean.

I love it. The lead actor is one of my favorite WWE actors or at least used to be. I haven’t seen one of those in over a decade. You have to understand the oligarchy is desperate. They know we are the gods and what they are doing is trying to get us to manifest our own destruction. That’s why all you see coming from everywhere (Hollywood included) is “End of the World” scenarios. Like Andrew says, “When offered candy to get into the car. Eat the candy, but don’t get into the car.” I’m right in the middle of [2014] Transcendence where the lead actor moves his mind (and soul) into an AI computer and some radical hate group is trying to stop him. You have to remember, these days like always the good guys are the bad guys and the bad guys are the good guys. Just as hell is where the love of the Holy Spirit resides and Heaven is where the consenter’s become just the Pepsi’s of the Archon’s as their souls are being drained for an eternity until finally being spewed out as reincarnated amnesiacs. To them, it’s just, “Better the devil you know, rather than the devil you don’t.” What else would you expect from the cattle (sheep) of the gods? [2019] Alita, probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. A must see.
That god damn jew that lives next door wanted me to go “Secret Shopper” with her to South Dakota. She lost all of her money, all of her credit and her car blew up on her and no amount of arguments or explanations can make her understand how unethical what she is doing is. Not the least of which she is paying the company to do something that has such a bad karmic effect. (Some hereditary things are hard to overcome, especially when you are dealing with someone who doesn’t want too. Not to mention like Christians who become secret atheist, that’s the only community that she has.) You still doing that porn sight? Or have you not learned that the karmic effect that is having on your life as what she is doing is having the same effect on your life if not worse? I really love her to death that’s why I would like to please her so I always say “yes” then think about it overnight and have to say “no.” Fortunately, the goddess dropped a blizzard over the casino we were headed too for her birthday. That’s what made it so hard to refuse her this time, being her birthday (mine was so lonely, the only one who remembered was my mother and you could hear the disgust for what I’m doing in her voice.). My car is really too old to make such a trip (let alone repetitively) and the soul that resides in my car doesn’t much care for her or what she is doing for extra income. I guess, I’m just going to have to start being mean to her again for her own good. I’m so sick of doing that, it’s such a drain on my soul. That’s why I’ve retired. People keep saying, “You are an evil Shaman for doing things like that.” (No doubt many reading this would agree, but just wait until their in the same situation as no doubt many already are. Those same people will just sit there and suffer and suffer and suffer instead of being assertive and I’m the evil one. Idiots all.) But, it works. Sometimes if not always it’s the only thing that does work and not being assertive in such situations is a constant drain on their souls. Being the goddesses favorite messenger has its advantages.

“Happiness isn’t having more, happiness is learning to live with less.”

Hiya mate,
interesting read, I didn’t know Stephen Fry and David Baddiel were jews… You could kind of guess with Sacha Baron Cohen because he is Israel’s whore… This place is literally a farm anyway; there’s games literally named ‘Harvest Moon’ and I remember a cartoon called ‘Astro Farm.’
All the evidence is there; we have crisps over here right (think you guys call them chips) called ‘Space Raiders’ with a grey alien on the front. The Jews are just pawns I reckon; Just people with more toys than the rest of us as long as they’re willing to do the overlord’s bidding. Kind of sad really when you think about it, just a bunch of whores willing to sell the rest of us out to the highest bidder; bet they’re interesting conversationalists (not.)
I’m glad you messaged I kind of needs some advice; I have to admit I have issues around social anxiety which has deterred me from finding employment. Recently though I’ve kind of wanted a bit more from life (I think that was seeing the ex-girlfriend,) but I was overlooked for that ‘Milk Man’s Mate’ vacancy. Thing is that may have been an ideal job as it would of just been me and another person. Currently I live comfortably in that the Job Center don’t harass me too much as I’m on a welfare scheme called ‘Job Seekers Allowance.’
Now I don’t have a very good track record when it comes to jobs Chris, currently I stand at 8 work suspensions in total. Now I’m worried if I get something else and lose it they now put people on a welfare system called ‘Universal Credit’ which they expect 35 hours worth of job search a week; you might as well just get a job but I think that’s the idea. Am hoping they call an election soon and Jeremy Corbyn might get rid of it (I know he’ll be a puppet but he sounds like a nicer prison guard than the ones we have at the moment.)
Thing is I look at all my friends and they’re all fucking idiots and yet they all have nice places to live, good jobs, multiple partners and are generally doing quite well. Thing is as unhappy as I am I’m probably safer in doors. It was mainly seeing my ex but even then that’s just lust I think, she’s sooooo selfish it’s unreal. She’s just not the girl I fell in love with but she’s gorgeous so every time I see a new photo on Facebook of her I shrink inside. I’m trying to repair my insecurity by weight training lots and talking to another girl who wants to take me powerlifting. I don’t think a relationship is right for me at this stage and this girl is only 18 years old, but a friend to treat to a trip to the gym and a coffee is ok I think… I fucking hope….. You always seem so happy though mate which am glad about, maybe I need your outlook on life, you seem to embrace your role. When I talk about you I do refer to you as ‘The Shaman’ so I think you should keep that tag, it’s awesome.

Keep sending the e-mails, I look forward to them.

Your pal

“Happiness isn’t having more, happiness is learning to live with less.”
Sure, I look at my neighbor who’s favorite show is Judge Judy. I’m not familiar if you have it over there, probably not. But, it’s just a Judge who sits on the bench (kinda like you and me) looking down at a stupid world & rattling their cages with her judgments. It’s all kind of a joke really because both participants of the case already got paid off by the studio, so what the Judy says in the courtroom is of little significance. I often want to ask the stupid. How do you live with the boredom?
Being happy is a choice. People look at Social Security & Welfare as a crutch, but if you ask me having a job is the real crutch. At least I have the freedom to do whatever I like 24/7. I run out of money by the 10th out of cigar’s by the 15th and in this case out of food by the 25th. But, I am always confident that as long as I am doing the work of the goddess she will provide with her synchronicity and that’s true of anyone with the intelligence to look for her gifts.
Look at your situation. You’ve met a new friend. You have plenty of time for your passion weight lifting. 18 is good. You know. There is this girl on the Blue Bird I was hoping to introduce you too (not). She’s a weight lifter in Wisconsin. Just like you. Refuses to go on camera so I told her to fuck off. Her name is Lisa (something like that). You can find her easily as she has the most magnificent collection on Tarot. (Shit. My hands hurt already. There aren’t many people I would do this for.)
Andy is right. We create our own reality. It just takes time. I’m living my childhood dream (time for me to do more dreaming (like being a healer and visiting the stars). I have 5 computers that I can access from one keyboard and mouse on my dual monitor computer. 60 Tb of information so if I do a simple one-word search on just one subject, I have enough material on that one subject for 3 days. I just finished the series Fortitude. You gotta get it. A magnificent 3 season horror flick and I am the last person to like horror flicks. But, back to perspective. What’s wrong with your situation? Other than what other people may think and who gives a shit what those peasants think? I think that’s a big part of your problem, “You look down at the cattle in your life and yet you want their respect? What’s wrong with you. Move on.” As for your girlfriend. You can throw all the flowers on to a rotting corpse you want, but at the end of the day, It’s still going to be a rotting corpse. Sounds to me like the 18-year-old is a much better choice, but don’t you dare make a move on her. That would just spoil the hunt. Let her mature a little bit. You are the catch, not her. Don’t ever forget that. Let her chase you. And so what, if they move you onto a new program that requires you to interface with more & more people every day. Sounds to me, like that’s just what you need & what you are subconsciously asking for. Time to merge back into society. That’s what you keep whining about. Being a wallflower.
What are your dreams? Are you dreaming? Don’t ever forget. That’s your future, but why be like a Christian and spoil the moment waiting for a better life. You have a great life right now. Can’t you see it?

What you really want is for her to come back to you on your own terms.

Just a quick note.  Here is a link by Andy in which he will confirm all of your suspicions & tell you to just walk away. I said, “The best relationship is no relationship at all.”  In which during his broadcast he called me an idiot.  Not the 1st time. No doubt, he’s right. Aren’t we all? So, I wrote him back privately and jokingly saying, “Your advice on relationships is just awful, just the kind of advice I’d expect from a rich fat guy.” Anyway, what I don’t believe he is taking into consideration is that you both have freewill.  That means you can both make decisions.  I found that just telling someone.  I don’t like you.  Leave me alone or I just want to be friends.  Doesn’t work.  You see, telling you she is sleeping around just to have a baby.  Says, 2 things to me.  1st. She isn’t using protection so if you did get involved with her and she got pregnant.  It’s highly unlikely it would be yours.  2nd.  She’s looking for the knight in shining armor that cares about himself enough to just say “NO.”  I also know you don’t want to say no.  But, after that many guys, who knows what she has?  Right?  So, the ideal situation is to get her to walk away from you.  Most relationships fail because there is zero communication and because the powers to be have conspired for over a millennium to destroy all relationships.   The list of ways they have conspired to do that is too numerous to mention here, but the most obvious is having both parties in a relationship working.  Anyway, the final outcome of their efforts is the women are loose and confused about what they want and men are perceived as gimps and women are perceived as a narcissist or vice versa.   The truth is you are both a little boy and a little girl who is broken and she is crying for help from the only place she could possibly find it.  Whether she understands that or not.  So, since you have already made the decision to break it off from her, this is what I suggest.  Tell her why.  In no uncertain terms and don’t leave anything out.  She’ll get mad.  Really mad and leave.  That’s what you wanted, right?  Well, not really.  What you really want is for her to come back to you on your own terms.  Right?  Or not at all, right?  Well, guess what.  She doesn’t have any friends.  If she had any friends she wouldn’t be sleeping around trying to find one.  So, eventually, she’ll realize that you are the only one who has ever been truly honest with her and when she wants to know the truth about anything.  You are the only one she can turn too.   Baby steps.  But, never forget. It’s your honesty that brought her back and it’s that same honesty that will keep her coming back. Love is not sex, sometimes you have to choose. 2 hours in.

We are all gods with Amnesia.

This should be an interesting article, assuming you can write it without your own biases. The truth is Hitler was tolerant of Christianity because the ignorant peasants only had a choice between Christianity or Communism. Both meant the deaths of millions but Communism would have been the worst of the 2 evils. It’s like watching a documentary about Christianity in which the experts can’t agree on anything, except the crucifixion, which is just assumed. Because the peasants still dominate this world. No one dares question that JC was crucified and yet there is zero evidence that anyone was ever crucified. The J’s have been looking for evidence of a crucifixion for 200 years and come up with nada, except they found one tomb where someone had something that had pierced his heal. Where are the mass graves? Where did all that lumber come from? Where is there a Roman statue of a crucifixion? Or a Grecian urn? Anything? Anyone? Nothing, just a lot of 16th century paintings, finance by King James and the writer of the KJV his gay lover. King James was also famous for raping women and then having them burnt at the stake as witches. But, somewhere someone wrote, “That it is the only authorized version of the Bible.” Think so? Just open your concordance and look for the word “Matrix.” Hitler himself was a pagan. Just research the Vril girls and his research before becoming Chancellor. Anyone who has ever taken the time to do that kind of research with an open mind is a pagan. One thing Christians will never accept is that the Holy Spirit is a girl. No point in checking the “Notify me of new comments via email”, because this comment won’t last that long. Good Luck with your article. We are all gods with amnesia (brought on by Jehovah’s light at the end of the tunnel) and because we have amnesia if no one told us we wouldn’t know. Consider yourself so informed. Christianity is just a soul trap, created by? Yep, you guessed it. Why is it that nobody’s research ever goes back further than 200 years? Think the Jews hate you because they crucified JC? Nope. They made up the fictional JC to control you. Enough already. Break free.

How Luke transvalued an Aryan value.

But even if we accede to that hypothesis, it then only confirms the same point: that Luke is not writing history, but myth. He or his sources are simply making everything up. His tales are told for their meaning and rhetorical effect, not because they were researched or came from witnesses. I’ll close with one more example of this, the Emmaus narrative of Luke 24, a resurrection-appearance tale found in no other Gospel and thus distinctive of Luke’s style of invention.

Here Luke tells the story of a man named Cleopas (along with an unnamed friend) who journeys by road from Jerusalem to nearby Emmaus, after they learn the corpse of Jesus has vanished. On the way, the resurrected Jesus appears to them (albeit in disguise) and explains the secrets of the kingdom (which happens to be a spiritual kingdom, not a physical one), then vanishes, and Cleopas recognizes who he was and goes on to proclaim what he was told. Conveniently, the name Cleopas means ‘tell all’, in other words, ‘proclaim’. The story thus has several telltale markers of myth: a name invented or selected for its meaning to the tale rather than any historical truth; an absurdly ahistorical narrative (never heard of from any earlier source [Mark or Matthew – Ed.]) of a disguised divine visitor; an unrealistic conversation with a complete stranger; a miraculous vanishing; and an all-too-convenient rhetorical purpose for all of it. This is the Vanishing Hitchhiker legend—ancient Roman style.

As it happens, the founding myth of Rome, then famously known everywhere and celebrated in annual passion plays, is almost the exact same story: a man named Proculus (archaic Latin for ‘Proclaimer’ or ‘He Who Proclaims’, thus not only again a fictional name designed for the story but essentially the same name as Cleopas) journeys by road from nearby Alba Longa to Rome, after the Roman people learn the corpse of Romulus has vanished; and on the way, the resurrected Romulus appears to him (not in disguise but this time in glorious form) and explains the secrets of the kingdom (literally: how to conquer and rule the world), then ascends into heaven (as Luke eventually has Jesus do as well), and Proculus recognizes who he was and goes on to proclaim what he was told. I’ve already demonstrated the extent to which the Gospels have borrowed this Romulan resurrection tale for Jesus (see Chapter 4, §1, and Element 47). Mark had already fashioned his passion account in light of it, and Matthew embellished it even more in accord. So it is not unexpected that Luke would take the same model further.

And indeed he has. Not only in the ways I have already pointed out in previous chapters but also here, in the tale of Cleopas on the road to Emmaus. lf we accept the identification of Luke’s intended Emmaus as the Ammaus mentioned by Josephus as a town nearby Jerusalem, then in both Luke’s narrative and the Romulan tale the Proclaimers are journeying from a city on a mountain to a city in a valley, roughly the same direction (east to west, like the sun), and roughly the same distance (seven to twelve miles).

But the changes are the point. While Proculus receives his gospel on the road to Rome, Cleopas receives his gospel on the road from Jerusalem: so while the old story suggests ‘all roads lead to Rome’, the new story suggests all roads lead from Jerusalem. While Romulus appears in awesome glory, befitting the awesome glory of Rome’s dominion and the very visible empire he promises, Jesus appears in disguise, hidden, just as the kingdom he promises is hidden, and which, like Jesus, becomes visible (and thus knowable) only in the communion of believers. Luke has thus transvalued the Romans’ founding myth: unlike the Romans, their resurrected hero promises a hidden spiritual kingdom originating from Jerusalem on high. And just as the glorious visage of Romulus is what confirmed to Proculus that what he said was true, so it is the powerful word of the gospel that confirms to Cleopas that what Jesus said was true. Luke thus rewrites the story to communicate how Christian values differ from mainstream Roman values. This is a classic hallmark of mythmaking. [1]

[1] Pages 480-482 of Carrier’s book. Italics in the original but bold-type added by Ed. For more on the Romulus parallels and reversals in the Emmaus narrative see Arnold Ehrhardt, ‘The Disciples of Emmaus’, New Testament Studies 10 (January 1964), pp. 182-201, and Francis Gerald Downing, ‘A Rival to Romulus’, in Doing Things with Words, pp. 133-51.
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I wish I had your positive outlook boss.

I wish I had your positive outlook boss, funnily enough I watched the same video about 5D a couple of days ago. If it is the Goddess with these coincidences then she certainly wants us on the same page. You know what worries me? It worries me that these entities in charge of this planet/ realm want to spin us a yarn about the devil as a cartoon character. Why would they do this? So we never really know who the enemy is; I mean there’s enough evidence to suggest he exists and why put it all there if this Enki guy isn’t pulling the strings from his hideout. I walked past a church the other day and read a poster stating to ‘Embrace the goodness of God’s harvest.’
Won’t lie I kind of shuddered on reading it because I know what it really means; Even the words on my granola packet ‘Harvest Morn’ make me think twice about eating it for breakfast. I haven’t managed to chill out, the reason I’m up this late is because I’m worrying about the future. Not sure if I told you about my crazy ex coming back into me life for a while; thing is when I broke up with her 9 years ago I didn’t think she was crazy. She’s in the middle of a divorce and has completely changed as a person and it kills me. She went from this innocent princess to sleeping with every man in order to have a child. I became friends with her after seeing her at my pal’s wedding. I broke up with her all them years ago because I lost my job and again I was struggling with life. I wish I’d tried more with her Chris but I wasn’t that mentally strong and I suppose me Mam and Dad were trying to protect me at the time so advised me to split with her. Anyway she decided to take an overdose a few months ago and had me sprinting round attempting to knock her door down… When the police and ambulance arrived they thought it was me who had taken the overdose as I was lying in a pool of me own sweat absolutely dying. I’d already ran 5 mile that day and an extra 2 mile sprinting round to her house. Anyway we remain friends but she’s too different a person now, when her Mam and sister saw me again they stated ‘They were more worried about me getting back involved with her.’ I did like her family, its a shame it never worked out. The girl I knew is long gone now though, I message my sister about it now and again. Thing is before she came back into my life the plan was to get a job and try to get to Peru to take the Ayahuasca drink. I think the only reason I got involved with her again was because we had history and I wanted to make amends for 9 years ago.  Life is a mess, but it sounds like you have a better grasp on it than I have. Would you ever sleep with the Jewish woman? Might turn her to ‘The Shaman’ way of thinking? That’s if you like her of course. My head is thumping, I really do need to stop over thinking and relax.
Take it easy Chris mate.

I don’t know.  I absolutely can’t recommend your getting back together with her, at this point, but it sounds like she is asking you for help.  Maybe, you can find a way to help her without getting back together.  Right now it is important that we all heal ourselves (heal yourself and you heal the planet) and after healing yourself (or at the same time) you can heal her as well.  As far as getting together with my Jewist, it’s been 25 years and hasn’t been until recently that we’ve even been able to get along (as a Jew she hates truth and that’s all I deal in), besides as a Shaman I’m pretty sure celibacy is part of the contract.  She’s like my Christian brothers, I just told my brother on my last water run, “I know better than to talk to you.”  He asks, “Why?”  “Because you hate everything that even resembles the truth.”  He says, “Oh, that again.”  I say, “Then we are done here, I guess.”  I’ve tried asking him what would he want to talk about and he just replies with a “Duh.”  Those who believe ignorance is the route to salvation don’t even have the intelligence to question it and if they did they wouldn’t have the desire or the intelligence to do the research and if you tried to explain it to them like my brother they just get mad or like my preacher’s wife mom she just goes to sleep on the phone.   I have hopes (that seem to be fading away at this point) of becoming a healer and being able to travel the stars and heal other races on other planets.  Who knows maybe I can have alien sex?  But I don’t think my African Princess would be happy if I did that.  I’m hoping she will become a healer and be able to join me.  If you want to know what’s going on, on this planet, there is a series of 20 videos on Galactic History from the only Akashic reader that has been on this planet in 28,000 years, all less than a 1/2 hour long that I love.  Whenever I’m taking a break from having fun to clean house or just pick up so I can enjoy my TV program I put one of these on and the 1/2 hour just seems to fly by.  You’ll want to listen to them over and over as he speaks in layers and your learning is in layers as well.

I’ve been studying the healing effects of sound.If you have problems sleeping put this on and hopefully it won’t have any commercials or else you will have to download it and that takes hours.

Here is a little bit of Peru for you.

Shaman Chris Gaylord

Wes Penre is an idiot.

Wes Penre is an idiot.  I moved past him a long time ago.  I went looking for your mention of him being a flat earther and ran into a video in which he states that the different dimensions are just different perspectives of the same dimension.  The goddess (Earth) is currently moving into 5D and leaving 3 Earth-like planets in Jehovah’s matrix.  We all get to graduate, but we must answer one question, “Do you want to stay in Yahweh’s matrix or not.”  A simple question sure, but it has so many facets, those who thing salvation is ignorance will be totally confused and because cowardice is part of our Jehovah modified makeup.  Christians are likely to stay out of their fear of venturing into the unknown, regardless of how bad it is here.  Christianity is just a recycling deception (this planet is heaven, purgatory & hell).  Coincidence?  That’s good you are seeing coincidences, but nothing happens on this test tube planet by chance.  The coincidence you are seeing is the gifts of the Holy Spirit (the goddess).  You should pay attention to those synchronicities and take advantage of them.  I myself have my neighbor (Jew) back into my life and her 2 Jewish cats.  I can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how much I’ve tried.  But, I laid down the law as many times as it took until she finally understood.  Jews have hated the white race since Cain ate Able.  And I explained that to her.  Stating that I did not want to be her slave nor did I want her to be my slave.  This is the age of the divine feminine.  The goddess is asserting herself for the very 1st time since her rape / marriage / divorce from Yahweh.  So, you can take these dimensions as just a different perspective as Wes stated and stay here in this Matrix or hang on for the greatest ride of your life as this planet shifts into 5D and beyond. 

Spirituality comes in 3 steps.

LMAO! You know what? It was you Christians that created Boko Harm out of your ignorance. I followed that link and found no video. Did you? Of course not. Why? Because, you believe whatever you are told to believe. That kind of video is unpublishable anywhere on the internet in this highly censored nation. This country is in the middle of 63 generations of Ashke-Nazi public school brainwashing. Of which monotheism is at the heart. You believe what every you are told to believe like “Jesus Loves You.” Where in the Bible does it say that? No where. That’s where. Or like “God Loves You.” Not according to Judges 20. Who wrote that? According to Jesus Vipers (Liars)? Boko Harm was created by our very own Ashke-Nazi Federal Reserve. The owners of which have financed both sides of every war since Napoleon. And they include in those contracts that the winners of those wars must pay for both sides with interest. So, you in your ignorance are paying for Boko Harm and every war since World War I and every CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) generated false flag with your federal tax dollars in which there is no law stating that you must pay, but that won’t stop Christian (Nazi) police officers from breaking down your door and stealing that money from you anyway or worse still, putting you in jail until you do so, and nobody is getting out of our jails alive these days. Christianity is Ashke-Nazism. The Illuminati was founded in 1776. Recognize that year? This country has been an Ashke-Nazi country since the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and a Illuminati nation since 1776. You’ve had over a century to figure that out, but a major part of Nazism (Christianity) is arrogant ignorance. No matter the amount of evidence or arguements I provide here, you still will never have the discernment to believe a word of what I say. The higher you go up into our Ashke-Nazi National Socialist Public School & University system the more of an Ashke-Nazi brainwashed collaborator you become. This is our 1947, stop sending your children half way around the world to become Nazi baby killers and keep them here. Agenda 21 (2021) is right around the corner and you don’t even know what that is or for that matter have even heard of it or even care. The lack of empathy is the 1st indication of a psychopath and this is a psychopathic nation. Look it up. Do you have enough intelligence or empathy left to do so? Spirituality comes in 3 steps. 1st. Realizing that everything you have ever been taught or told is a lie (Being born again). 2nd. Learning truths and developing the courage and the discernment to do so. 3rd. Once learning truths, learning truths becomes a passion for the 1st time since you were a brainwashable child. You are going to wish your children were here to defend your homestead instead of sending them half way around the world to die in these unjust banker’s wars or comming home to commit suicide after figuring out what I just told you. This country needs a revolution. A revolution of intelligence and truths. What are your truths? How have they been serving you so far? How many husbands, children and limbs must you lose, before you stop believing the lies of this Christian/Nazi nation? Germany was a Christian nation all during World War II. This nation is destined to follow suit, best to start learning how to goose step now. They are already building the wall to turn this into another open air prison like Gaza, but instead of dropping 100,000 pounds of bombs made in the USA they will have unstoppable AI combat bots made in the USA instead, as if they aren’t already guarding our boarders. It’s too late for you. Your doom is already predestinated, so best to just keep hiding your head in the sand. Bye. It was nice not knowing you. All too soon it will be time for you to meet your Jesus, then and only then will my truths be undeniable and your truths will be just another fairy tell lost in the winds along with all the other Jesus myths of days gone bye.

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